Management Message

ACT VII management wishes everyone a happy Summer.  Please be safe and enjoy your summer.  It is time to relax and cool down with cool refreshments that are all around the ACT VII like the sweet cool spots for Gelato at Dolce Vita or other options such as Quacks Bakery, Julio's Cafe, Vino VinoAsti Trattoria and Hyde Park Bar and Grill a favorite spot. 

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Act VII was acquired by Shadgol LLC as an investment in the year 2006. Since then, Shadgol has improved and made timely adjustments and renovations to the units to further improve the building's condition and tenants satisfaction. Shadgol LLC has strived to provide the most pleasant living conditions for the Act VII tenants.


Shadgol LLC

Shadgol LLC is an real estate investment and management company which provides first class and high quality services to it's clients and tenants alike.

ACT VII Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to actively manage this so as to continually enhance its value as a long-term investment for the Company, and to enhance its value for those who have chosen to live and work near by. We believe that the thoughtful, deliberate and prudent management of the Company's properties is a sound investment strategy, both in financial terms and in terms of maintaining the quality of life for the tenants. The Act VII's mission is to recognize the vastly increasing role of the apartment industry in providing quality housing. We strive in improving the services of the Act VII apartment to set new standards in the industry. Preserving the property and the tenant's good-will and satisfaction is our priority.

ACT VII Management

Cyrus Noori is the executive vice president of the business affairs and Dino Golgoon is the market and business strategist who has an extensive background in business management, market strategy formulation and Information Technology incorporation and engineering.